2015 : Different Level For Rasta 4 Lyf Records

This year will mark the beginning of a new era for the recording label,R4L Records. Different "weapons" have been put in place as a way of withstanding the stiff competition in the music industry that includes the introduction of a new marketing strategy as well as improved quality.

So far the label has released one riddim in February which is promising to bring a number of artists on the Zimdancehall map since it is expected to cause a lot of 'noise' on the street. The riddim (entitled NEXT GENERATION] features some of the signed artists at R4L Records such as Spraggah T (aka Di CountryBwoi) and as a way of surprise,there is a hot tune from an upcoming South African based artist named Zayankey aka Cruxial with a positive Rastafarian message [tune named Next Generation].

We are proud of the progress,nuff thanx to di fans ahn family fi dem unmeasurable love. Here is the link to da new riddim.


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